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Hire licensed experts to review and validate your content, boost your site’s credibility, and improve conversion.
    How it works for publishers:
    1. Create an account and tell us about your site(s)

    2. your ideal reviewer's credentials & browse profiles

    3. Hire experts to fact check and boost your authority

    Benifits for publishers:
    1. Produce better content - Greater expertise is the key to more engaging content.

    2. Boost SEO rankings - Google loves author schema, especially in YMYL niches.

    3. Increase conversion - Readers trust credentialed experts more to take action.

For Experts
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Earn a high hourly wage and build your personal online brand by reviewing relevant articles on our platform.
    How it works for experts:
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    3. Get matched with publishers looking for your expertise!

    Benefits for Experts:
    1. Find flexible gig work editing content at your preferred rate

    2. Get author credit on reputable sites and build your personal brand

    3. No commitment - only take on clients that you want, when you want!

Client Testemonials

What they're saying about AuthorityGenius

“It feels great to finally put my degree to good use. While I have no desire to practice law everyday, it sucks to let those skills rust, so I’ve really liked how this platform has allowed me to lend my legal knowledge.“

Jerry Mapp, JD, Lubbock, TX

“I love AuthorityGenius! It’s been a much welcomed source of income that’s not only flexible, but also surprisingly fun. I’ve enjoyed getting to flex my creative muscle 💪 and I hope to find even more sites through the platform to contribute to.”

Annie Shin, CPA, Houston, TX

“As a med school grad with thousands in student debt, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find AuthorityGenius. It’s an amazing platform for me and other friends to make extra money. My eyes have really been opened!”

Liam Foley, MD, Baltimore, MD


Why hire an expert to review online content?

Online publishers seek credentialed experts to review their content for several key reasons. These often include a combination of:

- Fact Checking: ensuring factual accuracy and limiting the spread of #fakenews

- Engagement: making content more thorough, nuanced, and interesting to read

- Credibility: increasing reader conversion with more trustworthy authorship

- SEO: improving organic ranking on Google with author Schema

How much do experts charge per article typically?

- Experts set their own rate per article. This creates a relatively wide range of pricing that depends on the location of the professional(s) you are seeking, their qualifications, and ultimately their work preferences.

- For example, we’ve had a Harvard-educated doctor (MD) request $150 per article reviewed and a Certified Personal Trainer charge only $20. That said, the average rate across our platform hovers around $40/article.

How do you make money?

- AuthorityGenius currently charges publishers $5 fee per article reviewed.

- Experts never pay to be on the platform.

- Our fee is not deducted from, but rather tacked on to the per article fee that Experts earn.

How long does it take to review an article?

- Longer articles generally take more time to review, and Experts reviewers work at different paces. That said, the typical turnaround time to review a single article is generally 2 business days.

What kind of Experts are on AuthorityGenius?

- Our mission is to build a diverse network of professionals to help improve content quality for as many publishers as possible. That means we accept all kinds of Experts into our community including a wide range of credentials, seniority, geography, and industry experience. Currently there isn’t a minimum level of qualifications to join, although we have primarily focused on recruiting the following kinds of professionals first:

- Medical (Physicians, specialist doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, dieticians / nutritionists, psychologists)

That said, we are in the early days of scaling our network and thus iturrently our Expert database includes mostly the following